Wizard of Oz Possibly Being Remade

There is a likely chance that the Wizard of Oz could be getting remade in the coming years. Walt Disney Pictures, the company that now owns the rights to the Wizard of Oz franchise has been rumored to be making a new live action addition into the series that would retell the original story. The original film was released back in 1939, eventually becoming one of the iconic films of American pop-culture. It was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer which eventually sold the rights to Walt Disney after a few decades.

wizard of oz1

Many have speculated for years that a remake would be coming near 2018-2020. The reasoning for this is because back in 2013, Walt Disney Pictures released “Oz, The Great & Powerful” which had an origin story told for the famous wizard. The film was set back in 1905; Oscar Diggs works as a magician with a traveling circus until one day he is sent to a new land via a tornado. For the remainder of his live Oscar will be stuck in the Land of Oz & this film told the story of his adventures before he met Dorothy.

Walt Disney Pictures was going to create a sequel to the movie, but all plans for that movie have now ended, with rumors now indicating that they’re moving to the direction of a new “Wizard of Oz” film. Disney is now famous for creating franchises; singular movies are a regularity for the production house. It seems that their trying to craft a three-part franchise that would tell the origin story, the original story, and the sequel. This is something that fans have been wanting for eight decades, the complete and full story revolving around the Land of Oz.


Cinema Blend & Screen Crush both released articles that have noted that the main heads at Walt Disney Studios have conversed as well as sent emails regarding a sequel to Oz, the great and powerful. In none of these emails is James Franco mentioned in any kind of manner, this has lead analysts to believe that a remake of the original film is underway.

Just two weeks ago a new piece of information came too light, in one of the emails a quote reading “The retelling of a classic story from MGM.” This email, for the most part, has proven that a sequel & remake of the film is underway at Disney. It seems that as Disney continues to grow as the biggest publisher of films in the world, that they are not willing to stop or slow down in any kind of manner. Any property they own is being revived in hopes of making a profit.


Fans of the franchise will be pleased with the idea of a remake being underway at Walt Disney Pictures. You can be ensured that critics will critique this film to the best of their abilities in order to honor the original film. None the less Disney has proven that they can make outstanding content, this being evident with their Marvel films.