Top Ten Netflix Musicals

Netflix is used by billions around the globe. It is the most popular streaming service provider thanks to its abundance of films, television shows, and original content. Every genre you could imagine in a film is available for consumers to enjoy, including musicals. Dozens of different musicals can be watched on the program, some of them being amazing and others being horrendous. Here, you will be able to read on the top ten musicals which can be viewed on Netflix.


Rent is one of the most beloved rock musicals of the world. It’s based on La Boheme, an opera from Giacomo Puccini. The musical tells the story of a group of young artists who are finding it difficult to live their lives in New York City. Living in the East Village, these group of individuals must struggle with the reality that HIV/AIDS is around them at all times.


Enchanted is a wonderful musical from Disney. It was released back on December 10th, 2015. Running a total of 107 Minutes, the film tells the story of Princess Giselle who is transferred from her magical world to New York City. It’s not until a handsome & heroic man helps her that everything begins to change for the princess.

Happy Feet

happy feet

Happy Feet, an animated musical tells the story of a Penguin who just can’t stop dancing. This is odd as everyone else in the herd is used to remaining still, taking care of the eggs. Over the course of 108 Minutes an emotional, comedic journey is lived that received this film high appraise.

Shrek the Musical

Shrek is one, if not the most popular cartoon franchise for films. There have been more entries into the series than most other cartoon film franchises. This rendition is the retelling of the original in a live-action musical. It became a Tony Award-Winning Broadway production.

Mamma Mia!

mamma mia

This is one of the musicals that everyone who knows of the genre is aware of; it starred an impressive cast including Pierce Brosman and Meryl Streep. Set on a Greek Island named Kalokairi, one single mother goes insane when her daughter invites three of her mother’s ex-lovers in order to resolve certain issues.

Grease Live

Available to only Americans, Grease Live is a retelling of the original film in Broadway format. It starred Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer, Carly Rae Jepsen and many others. The same story of Sandy & Danny falling in love is told, this rendition of the original film was taken with high praise amongst fans and critics.

Grease/Grease 2

Grease & Grease 2 are both available to be streamed on Netflix as well. The first film tells the story of Danny & Sandy, two teenagers who can’t help falling in love. Grease 2 changed things up slightly by having Michael Carrington fall in love with Stephanie Zinone, the leader of the Pink Ladies.


Musicals haven’t lost their popularity. Ever since the early 30’s, it has had a steady incline in popularity. Music is for the soul, when a proper story is told with the proper music, something magical occurs on-screen or on stage. Each one of these films available on Netflix gives viewers the same feeling of wanting more and it’s for that reason Netflix continues to work towards adding new content in the musical genre with each passing month.