Tom Hardy Cast in London Road

Tom Hardy, a newly A-List actor famous for his roles in The Dark Knight Rises & Mad Max has been cast in London Road, a new musical that takes place in Great Britain. The film is set in a dramatic, dark period in the early 20’s where the serial killer “Ipswich” still remains alive, the deaths he causes are frequent and never-ending. The film began in 1974; it continues onwards until the early 00’s where dozens of murders are displayed for the audience to view.

Tom Hardy

Not many are understanding as to how a film set during such a horrific time for England will be adapted into a musical. There have been times before where films like Hairspray or RENT have touched upon subjects that are touchy but pulled it off in a manner that was respectful and informative. Those films today now stand as cult-beloved movies that everyone can watch in multiple formats. Tom Hardy, in his, peek as an actor has the ability to portray this story in a manner that would allow for the audience to understand the pain of Great Britain through song.

This film is being directed by Rufus Norris. It is being written by Adam Cork & Alecky Blythe, two of the most distinguished writers in England. BBC has picked up the writes to this movie which means they will be producing this powerhouse of a film. London Road is based on the nationally beloved musical “Killings in Ipswich”, cast members from the play are portraying their characters on screen this time around. Clare Burt, Kate Fleetwood, Linzie Hateley, Claire Moore, Nicola Sloane, Howard Ward, Hal Fowler, Nick Holder, Michael Schaeffer, Paul Thorley and Duncan Wisbey are all returning from the stage to film.

The Story

London Road

London Road follows the residents of a street of the same name. These residents have struggled for years with the struggle of frequent solicitations and drop offs by their curb. Eventually, one local resident decides to lose his mind, and he is convicted of a string of murders, this causes for the community to learn deeply about themselves as individuals and a group. These residents learn as to what it’s like to be an epicenter of a tragedy. The film deals with a variety of different subjects in order to get the viewers to feel close & relatable with whichever character is on the screen. This is one movie that by the end will make you re-evaluate at least one aspect of your life.

What is to come

The idea of Tom Hardy taking on one of the main roles of the residents or plausibly the murderer is an idea that has intrigued not just us, but other critics from all around the world. This will be a film that takes musicals in a different direction once again; its unique atmosphere could birth a new genre of musicals all on its own. If Mr. Hardy is able to pull this off, it could potentially be his role of a lifetime. This film isn’t slated to be released in December of 2019; that means more than three years are away until this film is brought to life on big screens.