The Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake

Fox has recently been moving towards the genre of musicals. Fox has crafted multiple musicals in recent years including The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, The Wiz and Grease: Live which received 10 Academy Award Nominations. Since then it’s been announced that a remake of the beloved “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is underway at Fox Studios. The film is set to star Victoria Justice, Christina Milian, Reeve Carne and Annaleigh Ashford.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This remake will follow the same premise as the original, with some scenes being remade shot for shot. Fans of the original film, which has now become a cult phenomenon over the years are pleased with the thought that scenes from the original will be reshot for the remake. Luckily, fans of the original film won’t need to rush off the theaters in order to watch this film. Instead, it is being broadcasted to television audiences. There will be DVD & Blu-Ray’s available for purchase once the original show has aired.

The original creator of this cult-beloved film, Dr. Frank N. Furter has given his blessing on this remake. Unfortunately, in his old age of seventy this influential director has had to suffer from the after-effects of a severe stroke. As of right now he still remains in a wheelchair, with him unlikely ever leaving it & he also speaks slowly. He made a statement, saying, “There’s nothing that I can do about this remake. I offered my services as Dr. Scott himself since I’m already in the wheelchair. They thought that it was best to go another direction and after being on set, I’ve learned that their not remaking anything, they are just refilming everything, and I give them by blessing, I’m impressed with their work & look forward to the film.” – Tim Curry

The Unfortunate Truth

There is an excellent chance that this film won’t see the same love that the original received. The reasoning for this is because the original rocky horror show is an iconic piece of cinema & often when remaking an iconic piece of cinema something goes wrong. Though there is shining hope for fans as the creator, producer, and director of the original film has given his blessing.

None the less, fans of this movie will spend hours debating as to whether this remake is a good idea or a bad idea. Long-time fans of the film will watch this iteration either way in hopes of it being good. Either way a new, up to date video format version of this film will be coming to the silver screen soon & the cast behind the film are famous, well into their careers.


There is a good chance that this will film will compete with Grease: Live in its popularity. As a film that stands for equal rights towards the LGBTQ Community, there is no better time than now to have this movie re-released to audiences. Any analyst that has been fortunate enough to witness the film has stated that it’s offering the same core experience that the original offered, giving fans everywhere hope.