Moana Coming Soon!

Moana is the upcoming Hawaiian-themed musical from Walt Disney Pictures. It’s the first film introducing a Polynesian Princess to the world of Disney; it is also the first time that they will be adding a demi-god into their films. The film is slated to be released on November 23rd, 2016 and be one of the most influential films of the season.


The Huffington Post, one of the largest newspapers in the world has been keeping fans of this film up to date with every aspect of it. So much so that they gave them film a “Gold” as an unexpected duo at this year’s Olympics. Though this gold isn’t real, in the eyes of the Huffington Post and millions of others, this is one of the best looking animated films in years. Within a manner of one minute, Disney was able to capture the hearts of millions watching the Olympics and showcase that as a studio, they still can make compelling animated films.

This film will be far different than anything we’ve seen before in a Disney film. Moana, the new princess, is slated to be one of the strongest princesses we’ve ever seen, even more so than Mulan. Every situation she is presented with will be accomplished in some kind of manner. The one aspect of this film that is gaining people’s excitement is that the star of “Hamilton”, the most famous Broadway play in decades is doing the vocals on every song available in this upcoming musical. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical talents added to the film has had reviewers stating that an extra level of sophistication, pleasure, and enjoyment to the film.

The Actors

Auli’I Cravalho

The film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & the Hawaiian-born actress “Auli’I Cravalho”. Disney’s last big hit was Frozen, which was met with critical success and began a cult-phenomenon in the North Americas. Many analysts have noted that the two films differ from one another entirely in setting, characters and pace. Disney none the less hopes to redo this critical success with Moana, this will more than likely be plausible with the names behind the film and be plausible simply for the fact that this film looks more exciting than any other Walt Disney Pictures has created with their animated studio.

2016 Trailer Released

The new trailer which was released during the 2016 Rio Olympics was a fast-paced trailer, lasting only one minute long. During that one minute Maui, the demi-god warns Moana of the many struggles that stand in their way. Those dangers including a giant lava monster. In true heroic fashion, though, this princess believes that nothing can stop her from accomplishing her goals.

Anyone wanting to see this film won’t be able to do so until November 23rd, 2016 where the film will be released across Northern America. Until then, fans of this film can find more information regarding this now famed princess right here. This is slated to be one of the best-animated films to be released in the last decade.