Meryl Streep Joins Mary Poppins Sequel

In the world of Hollywood, the idea of a film being singular is impossible. Every movie released has the possibility of being a franchise, if Hollywood believes that they can make millions off of a sequel, then a sequel shall be made. One of the most classic films in history is receiving its own sequel decades later. Mary Poppins will be getting a live-action sequel that will start Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt, and Meryl Streep. Miss. Streep, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses, is set to play a permanent role in the film. This information has come from The Hollywood Reporter, a dedicated & honorable source in the past.

Meryl Streep Joins Mary Poppins

This three-time Academy Award-nominated actress will be playing the role of Mary Poppins cousin, Topsy. This marks the second time that Rob Marshall, the director behind the sequel and Miss. Streep has worked alongside one another. The last film they worked together on was 2014’s “Into the Woods” which received impress praise by critics and audiences alike.

Mary Poppins Returns

The sequel to the beloved 1964 film is being called “Mary Poppins Returns.” The film is set in Depression-Era London. An adult version of Michael & Jane Banks is now playing out their own lives. Michaels three children become visited by the beloved Mary Poppins following the loss of a family member. Using her unique magical skills, with the help of her friend Jack, she will help the family discover the joy and wonder of their lives.

Meryl Streep

Disney has slated for this film to be released in early 2018. This film could be one of the biggest live-action films to arrive in theaters for Disney since Pirates of the Caribbean. Adding Meryl Streep into the combination will bring a whole new wave of popularity over to the film.

Fan/Critic Reactions

The fans and critics have both responded differently to the announcement of their being a sequel to Mary Poppins. Most critics have moved towards the direction that Disney is doing everything in their power to revive any property they once had & that the obvious ploy to do so is going to make them fail in the coming years.

Fans of the other hand have reacted in the opposite manner, getting excited with the idea that the second iteration of this universe is being crafted for viewers. When Meryl Streep was hired onto the project, Critics began to change their mind saying that this film has hope to be as magical as the first. Fans took to the casting announcement positively as well; from all accounts, it seems this film is well on its way to being a major box office hit.


The idea of a second Mary Poppins movie has come off as disrespectful to thousands around North America & has come off as amazing to thousands of others. As the film gets closer to release the chances of this controversy increasing is inevitable. None the less this film will still be released to mass audiences and will surely provide the same comical, magical, enjoyable feeling that the original Mary Poppins provided to all.