Grease Makes Emmy History

On January 31st, 2016 Fox, one of the most watched television broadcasters brought fans of the classic film “Grease” back onto screens with “Grease Live”, a live version of the film where anything could have happened. It was directed by Thomas Kail & produced by Marc Platt. Casting wise fans got to see Carlos Penavega, Aaron Tveit, Julianne Hough & Vanessa Hudgens play some of the beloved characters like Danny, Sandy or Russo. The live rendition followed the same pattern as the film and incorporated new elements for modern day society which worked in a manner that most audience members didn’t even notice.


The live-action version of the film has now made television history by receiving eleven Emmy Nominations. There has been no other television product to receive that many nominations in such a short period of time. The director of the film, Thomas Kail stated, “I’m proud to be a part of this team, the team that was able to work on Grease: Live. Each one of us worked at the top of their game to make this show reality, and there were hundreds of us on set each day. We were honored to bring the film to live theater and television. Now is anyone up for the sequel?”

The Film & Series

There is a lot to be said for the first two additions to the Grease franchise. The first one, released back in 1971 became a cult fanatic film that still to this day is viewed millions of times around the world. The film was set at Rydell High School, where the T-Birds & Pink Ladies ruled over the school. The film itself was set back in 1959 where life was far more simple. Danny Zuko & Sandy Dumbrowski fall in love with one another over the summer, only to then end up going to the same high school. This changes the characters drastically over the course of a school year. It is the same premise that is followed with Grease: Live. Very rarely did the director and producer stray from the material of the real film.


Millions of people watched the live version of this film, which became one of the most broadcasted events in television history. It was the most views that Fox ever saw in the course of them working as a television broadcasting company. Unfortunately, with all of those nominations, the production wasn’t able to receive any wins. Still they none the less made history, not winning just added a bit of a sour taste to this outstanding claim.


Even though they weren’t able to win any of the awards they were nominated for, Grease Live was able to do something that no other television program has been able to accomplish. It also allowed for this cult-fanatic film series to receive a new boost in popularity. There are many who are hoping that a third addition to the series, a “Grease 3” will be released in the coming years. It’d be wonderful to see an appearance from Danny & Sandy once more.