Disney Remains Loyal to Musicals

Walt Disney Pictures has always been a studio that at their core create musicals. In every single movie that they’ve released under their name, that movie has had an entirely brand-new soundtrack for fans to enjoy. In certain films, the characters will sing these songs while other films they’ll play in the background. None the less throughout their many decades of operation, Disney has continued to remain loyal to musicals. This is evident with their upcoming film Moana, starring Dwayne Johnson.

Unfortunately, there are many who say that Disney has sold out and no longer provides the same content that they once did. The reasoning for this is because Walt Disney Pictures now owns the rights to not just Marvel but to also Star Wars/Indiana Jones. They are doing everything in their power to craft universes based on these film properties which has lead many to believe that their in-house studio animated films have lost the loving feeling that they once had.


Disney plans to change all of this with the release of Moana. This film is set on the ancient island of Oceania, located in the South Pacific. A young woman by the name of Moana, a girl born to navigate the waters sets sail in search of the island. One day she crashes on the island during her journey, only to meet a demi-god by the name of Maui. This film stars Auli’i Cravalho & Dwayne Johnson. As of right now the film is slated to be one of Disney’s best animated features in a decade.

Disney’s Promise

When Disney began creating Moana they promised their fans that they were returning to their classic format of design. This means that instead of a simplistic story being crafted over a few months, writers would spend upwards to two years to create an emotionally gripping tale that all viewers could relate to in some kind of manner. Disney extended that promise for all their future animated projects as to keeps fans on their side for the remainder of their life.


During the last five years, Pixar has continually been doing better than Disney, even though Pixar’s parent company is Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures itself still wants to remain as number one on paper. This is the main reason as to why Disney made these promises, their worse fear as a company is losing millions which is why they’re focusing their efforts once again onto animated shorts.


If Disney is able to keep their promise of creating emotional-gripping stories like Lady & the Tramp or Lillo & Stitch, then their animated studios will be able to remain as some of the most popular. If WDP continues to focus their efforts on live-action films, then what the company became famous for will die, and more than likely die as a genre of film.
Moana has been in production for seven years now, showing that this was one of the films in recent history that Walt Disney Pictures put a mass amount of effort into. Hopefully, fans of their animated films will accept this film with open arms, a film that’s dedicated to musical story-telling.