Atlanta Festival Shows off Local Musicals

Atlanta, it is one of the largest and more diverse cities located in America. As such there’s always a festival, event or block party occurring in the city. One of those yearly events is the “Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival” which takes place every year between August 1st & August 2nd. This festival sets itself out from the others as anyone has the ability to show off their musical talent to a panel of judges, these judges then determine which top twenty musicals are the best and let them perform on stage in front of thousands.

Atlanta Festival

Though nobody has heard of “In the Heights” or “Miss Saigon,” they are two outstanding musicals that unfortunately can only be seen at this festival. Luckily, whoever wants to view these new musicals that are unique for a one-time performance have next year to do so as the festival has already been confirmed for 2017. This two-day event features workshops for upcoming Broadway actors after each new show. The actors behind the musical just played have to offer advice, tips, and their knowledge. This is an agreement between the festival & the members of the musical; it’s so that anyone attending this festival benefits in some manner.

The Festival

As of right now there are twenty different shows lined up for this two-day festival, each one will run an hour and a half long. In total ten shows are showcased per day, meaning the event in fifteen hours each day. There are amazing plays such as Underground, The Yellow Wallpaper, What’s Past? And many others. There will be a variety of different concession stands at the venue. Various local restaurants have the option to go to the venue and sell their products. All that’s required out of those restaurants is that they pay a small fee in order to operate on the grounds of the festival. Merchandise is also sold on a mass scale at this event. There will be shirts, posters, play-write novels and various other items that consumers will be able to purchase. This item when purchased helps the cast of these musicals to earn a higher income.

The Conclusion

This was the best year yet for the Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival, more than twenty-five thousand people showed up over the course of two days. On August 3rd it was announced that they’d be returning to the same location in 2017 for all fans to enjoy once again. Anyone wanting to enjoy new, unique, modern plays that focus on current up-to-date issues need to look no further. This Atlanta-based musical festival is only growing with each passing year and only offering better entertainment for the viewer to enjoy.

This festivals mission statement reads as follows, “The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival will create the next group of Broadway actors by mentoring the talent, advancing new & unique musicals forward, and by celebrating the community in a nurturing environment.” This is a mission statement that all festivals should look towards. It’s a statement that shows how honorable this new musical festival plans to be in the coming years.