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Welcome to moviemusical.com, on our website you will find a variety of reviews pinpointing our guests to the best musicals that can be enjoyed today. We touch base on musicals you can stream live, festival musicals, Broadway musicals, films based on musicals and rumored musicals that will be arriving for fans of the genre in a short period of time.


Over the years, amongst the youth, it seemed that musicals would slowly die to a generation of the past. However, that has changed when Grease made a resurgence and Footloose hit theaters, and now the musical genre is in full bloom with thousands of new fans coming to the genre each month. We hope that our viewers, who are a part of the musical community and genre find solace that every musical we have reviewed or placed on our site is considered to be high quality amongst the Broadway & Film community.

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Large portions of our site are dedicated to the film/television aspect of musicals. We provide our guests will information regarding upcoming films or television shows revolving around this, with our mission being to enlighten you with present-day projects that give the musical genre fans something to look forward to with anticipation. As we continue to build and develop this site, we will include articles about the various actors who portray some of our favorite characters, bio’s on producers and directors, movie studios and so much more. The hope is to expose you to a new and wonderful world, that focuses on dance, music and most of all, a feel good experience that leaves you wanting more.

We hope that anyone who has visited our site has enjoyed the time they’ve spent, that you have enjoyed the articles we include for you and can now look forward to upcoming musicals or even find one you may not have been aware of. We thank you for visiting and hope you will sop by often for updates.